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Geographical Setting

Metro Manila



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Oil on canvas


152.50 x 152.00 x cm

Artist Statement

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To know more about this artwork, watch its feature from CCP's Cultural Cache Online video series: Cultural Cache Online Season 2: “Table”by Ang Kiukok with Jeannie Javelosa


In black and white, the monochromatic tones are a play of light and dark geometric forms, of contrast, oppositions and counter movements. Ang Kiukok brings the picture plane up, assuming a more abstract base from where to dissect what we presume from the title of the work, is a table. By giving us a reference from where to begin with the idea of a table, he tightens and limits perspective.

Ang Kiukok is in full control of the viewer’s attention as he taunts with tension to keep awareness within the square frame. The absence of color further reinforces the tightness of this pictorial frame. That this image suggests a table is only due to the presence of a carved leg, or to a circle to suggest a knob, and geometric forms suggesting cabinetry. But we are enticed by how the artist allows us to come in and out, dive deep into the dark crevices, where the presence of black is a definitive base from where light arises.  


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