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I am 21AM, a museum alive in three spaces: in cyberspace; in all spaces (hence in no center); and within the Accession Record System (ARS) of the collection of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I live digitally, therefore, and am not set or inserted to one place, building, or city—notwithstanding 21AM as a facilty of the Center. I was established to follow the Filipino public, who are leading immersives in online media in the world. This museum has its pulse on artworks flying with developments in digital technology, critical of its evolving character, and prepared for violent contests in cyberspace—while persisting with retrospective thought about the work of previous generations, facilitated by ARS.

I am the 21AM website and the website is me.

CCP | Cultural Center of the Philippines

CCP | Cultural Center of the Philippines

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) plans and implements programs for the development and promotion of the arts—music, dance, theater, and the visual, literary, cinematic, and broadcast arts. Since 1969 when it was inaugurated, it has sponsored programs and activities such as festivals, exhibitions, competitions, and publications to preserve, promote, and enhance the artistic and cultural heritage of the Filipino people, and to develop audiences that will appreciate and support artistic and cultural work.

Sitting on a 60-hectare complex on Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, the CCP is part of a vast network of arts and culture organizations that provide exchange opportunities between Filipino artists and artists from all over the world. This network also brings in performances and exhibitions that allow local audiences to experience arts and cultures from elsewhere.

The CCP is composed of several departments that promote arts education, direct outreach and exchange programs all over the country, mount productions and exhibitions, manage cultural holdings, and develop its assets. In its first two decades, the CCP focused on what were later perceived as elitist performing arts—ballet, opera, and similar shows—a bias that was shaped by its first board of trustees chair, then First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos. Following the successful EDSA revolt against Marcos and his martial rule and the subsequent change in the country’s leadership, the CCP expanded its scope to include literature, film, and broadcast arts, among others. It also reoriented its direction to emphasize original Filipino artistic and cultural expressions rooted in the Philippines, the sharing of art shows and performances with all kinds of audiences, and the participation of the regions in the definition of a national culture.

CCP | Cultural Center of the Philippines

VAMD | Visual Arts and Museum Division

The CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division (VAMD) under the Production and Exhibition Department of the Cultural Center of the Philippines has maintained its thrust of promoting contemporary visual expressions and has earned a reputation for accommodating non-commercial, innovative, and even controversial projects and exhibits. It administers the Thirteen Artists Awards, periodically conferred by the CCP to progressive young artists. It also organizes public programs such as artist talks, workshops, and other activities in conjunction with current exhibitions.

The VAMD is also in charge of 21AM and museum collections within it including the Visual Arts Collection, the Museo ng Kalinangang Pilipino Collection, the Collection of Asian Traditional Musical Instruments and other groupings of art and art-related materials. Composed of over four thousand items (paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, mixed media works and ethnographic artifacts), these were acquired through bequests by artists and patrons, and by acquisitions made by the then CCP Museum and the defunct Museum of Philippine Art, among others.

It continues to be used for research publications, exhibitions and loans by other institutions. The VAMD also offers exhibition venues where current visual art expressions may be mounted, featured, studied and analyzed. In support of this, the VAMD offers grants in the form of free use of exhibit space and curatorial assistance to encourage, initiate, support and sustain creativity and artistic excellence in the visual arts.


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