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Pitong Sining



Roberto Villanueva



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Acrylic on canvas


801.50 x x 536.00 cm

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To know more about this artwork, watch its feature from CCP's Cultural Cache Online video series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R33wG4ZJmcU&list=PL7cRhLxY2tOwF9W5aBUuQdeJt8GS-2aCG&index=1


The painting carries the qualities of a line drawing, which could not have been possible given the very large scale of this work. The artist, Roberto Villanueva, maintained this approach: to make painting “draw”; to realize the qualities of drawing, notwithstanding the use of paint not pen. The faces of the many interlocked anthropomorphic figures in the painting are derived from the Ifugao traditional sculptural form called bulol—particularly the eye forms and head shapes. The bulol are embodiments of the deity character of the interweaving of rice agriculture, community order, ritual, and the cosmos. Villanueva’s painting, which evokes a cosmological order that is both material and metaphysical, borrows from bulol iconography a way to signal timeless depth. To do so, he has had to emulate the fine, sharp lines of bulol detailing.


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